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Creating as a Habit with Rammy Narula

Creating as a Habit with Rammy Narula

I've recently had a chance to interview Rammy Narula, this man inspires me in a lot of ways. He does photography for his soul. He believes in living everyday to it's fullest, and that I think is why his craft is so unique, he doesn't create to impress, he does it because he loves it. The one thing about him that struck out to me was his discipline. Most creatives I know talks about creating when they feel inspired, but this man talks about creating as a habit. In this post you'll will learn how to create as a habit.

How to find your Passion?

Rammy explained to me that he found his passion for photography in his late 20s, before that he was just like most people, he worked because he had to and he lived life the way people expected him to. He was NORMAL. Until he was given a camera as a gift during a rough period in his life, he then tried it out and fell in love with it. The love he felt for photography sparked his curiosity to learn. Photography became his way of connecting with the world. Photography became his passion. 'But I don't believe in having one passion in life' he said. He believes that his purpose in life is to enjoy everyday for as long as he is alive. So he does everything that brings him closer to true happiness - being happy in doing what you do regardless of what the results are.

So how do you find your passion?

You find your passion in life by trying things out, whatever it is that interests you, try it! And if you end up not loving it, never mind, move on...try something else then.

Daily Work vs Great Work

Most people live with the illusion that if they're going to work, they're going to have to make great product, great art, great whatever. But that doesn't happen in the real world. If you sit around and wait for a great idea all day long, you're going to have to wait for a very long time. And yeah, maybe one day you'll stumble upon a great idea and make actual great work out of it, but how many times do you expect yourself to stumble upon great ideas? Once...Twice...Thrice in a lifetime? That's not a lot of work is it!? If there's one thing I know for certain about success or making great work, it is that it comes with consistency, it comes with practice. And my good friend Rammy happens to agree with it. The way he lives his life, to most people it may seem mundane, but to me it's genius. He has a daily ritual for living life and working. He wakes up, meditate, eat, workout, go out to take photos, study, spend time with family, friends, do all the the things that matter to him as a routine, making it a habit; and start all over again the next day. 'It may not be the same exact thing everyday, but that's pretty much my recipe. To create a routine, making it a habit, and following the routine as close as possible,' he said. He believes in consistency, that by doing a little bit everyday you can improve and become better in all the things you spend time on. The consistency helps and the more you work the greater the chances you have of doing great things.

Forgive Yourself

This is one of the most important lesson I've personally learned from Rammy Narula. He said that 'when you fail your own expectation, don't lash out on yourself, forgive yourself because self-resentment does no good to nobody'.

“Success isn’t always about ‘greatness’. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come.” — Dwayne Johnson

If there's one you should learn from Rammy, it is that you need to create everyday--not just when you're inspired, motivated or feel like it. Think of your work like lego, you can't build a lego house in one move, you build a lego house by adding one lego piece at a time. Work hard consistently and before you know it you will be looking at your greatest work yet.

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